Dominican Culture

Dominican Republic Culture

The Dominican Republic is a vivacious, beautiful country, renowned for their stunning nature, sunny skies, and kind-hearted, lively people. The rich culture and history that is found here can be felt throughout the island, enriching everyday life and creating a warm, welcoming community. However, the DR is more than just your typical island getaway. It’s a global business hub, home to over 700 international companies and the largest city in the Caribbean, Santo Domingo. With a high quality of life, plenty of recreation and leisure activities, and advantageous business climate, the Dominican Republic offers something for just about anyone. Contact us today to learn more about how relocating your business can benefit from life in the Dominican Republic.


The Dominican Republic has been a global business hub for centuries. Santo Domingo, founded in 1496, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas.

The city’s rich history gives access to an incredible range of cultural attractions to explore, including the first cathedral in the Americas, the first fortress in the Americas, and more within the Colonial Zone. Sixteenth-century architecture is the foundation on which merengue tunes serenade passers-by enjoying a quiet night walking the city’s charming, cobblestone streets.

Today, Santo Domingo remains a vibrant metropolis -- cosmopolitan, modern and dynamic, yet steeped in long-held traditions and colonial charm. For those looking to take in a little history and culture, the National Pantheon is well worth a visit, as is Parque Colón and the Alcázar de Colón Palace, which features significant works of medieval and Renaissance art.

Outdoor Activites

There’s a great deal to enjoy during a bit of downtime in the Dominican Republic. Being on an island, residents near the coast can enjoy the sparkling waters of the Caribbean and the country’s 250 miles (402 km) of bright, sandy beaches. Perhaps less expected are the Dominican Republic’s mountain ranges, which include the highest elevations of the Caribbean. Ecotourism destinations like Jarabacoa, nestled in Cibao, and Pico Duarte, the highest mountain in the Caribbean, are very popular as well.

Music and Fashion

The Dominican Republic has its own musical genre, called merengue, but music in general is a vital part of the cultural fabric of the island. From merengue to salsa to pop, hip-hop, and rock, you’ll find it all here, and the nation celebrates its love of music through a number of annual festivals and concerts. Dance is a core component of most music genres, including merengue, bachata, and palo.

The DR is also home to one of the world’s 10 most prestigious fashion design schools, La Escuela de Diseño de Altos de Chavón, and is the birthplace of renowned designer Oscar de la Renta.


Many different sports are important to citizens of the Dominican Republic, although baseball certainly takes center stage. The nation’s official baseball league consists of six different teams, and the DR is consistently contributes the largest number of international players to the MLB. In fact, baseball fans, particularly from the United States, travel to the Dominican Republic to watch minor league games in hopes they’ll witness firsthand the ‘next great MLB star’ in his early days.


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