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As the number of medical device manufacturers in the Dominican Republic continues to expand, the supportive environment surrounding the industry grows along with it. The governing bodies of ADOZONA and CNFZE founded the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Cluster in 2015 to support the unprecedented growth of this industry and promote the competitiveness of the Dominican business climate. Developments spurred by this initiative have led to a more sophisticated and comprehensive offering to medical device companies. The main undertakings of the cluster are workforce development and value chain improvement.

Workforce Development

Through education of the local workforce, the Dominican Republic offers the medical device industry more specialized services and a better performing personnel. This initiative has resulted in five separate medical devices training programs, developed with the leading universities and technical institutes in the Dominican Republic: INTEC, PUCMM, ITLA, LOYOLA, and O&M.

Additionally, a medical devices operator training program was developed in partnership with INFOTEP, which has trained 1000 operators since 2017.

Value Chain Improvement

  • Implementing a cooperative purchasing program

  • Developing a joint purchasing website -

  • Creating a pilot program for the development of local suppliers

  • Establishing intermediate components manufacturing

  • Establishing means for vertical integration, including ETO and E-Beam sterilization


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