The Dominican Republic Workforce

With one of the largest talent pools in the Caribbean region, the Dominican Republic offers companies considering expanding or relocating their operations significant opportunities. Despite labor shortages across the globe, the Dominican Republic has a labor pool of approximately 4.5 million people, all of whom are determined and eager for new career opportunities. With a strong talent pipeline in place thanks to efforts from local institutions and the Free Zone platform, Dominicans are equipped with the right skills to meet your workforce requirements. Increased specializations can also be achieved through our custom workforce development programs. Contact a team member to learn more about how the Free Zones can support your talent needs!

Demographic Breakdown

The DR has the second largest population in the Caribbean at 10.6 million people. 40% of the population is between 25 and 54 years old with a median age of 27.3, giving companies a large resource of talent to pull from. The youthful state of the Dominican labor pool indicates the potential for longevity within a company, as well as up-to-date knowledge of the current industrial landscape.

Workforce Development

The Free Zone governance is heavily invested in the education of Dominicans and we aim to provide quality opportunities to help both our citizens and companies achieve success. We do so by working with local institutions to develop training programs that are tailored to our key industry sectors.

Additionally, the zones have partnered with INFOTEP, a government-run technical institute, to provide FREE custom workforce training programs for new companies located within the Free Zones. Since its inception, INFOTEP has trained 770,914 workers in different competencies and fields via over 40,000 courses and close to 800,000 training hours. This turn-key solution will ensure that the individuals you are hiring are adequately trained and qualified, capable of performing the tasks required by your organization.

Examples of technical and vocational education programs supported by the Free Zones:

  • 5 Certifications in Medical Devices with the following universities and technical institutes: PUCMM, O&M, INTEC, Loyola, ITLA

  • 1st Masters in Competitive Manufacturing at INTEC

  • 1st Logistics Engineering Degree at INTEC

  • Pilot phase of an English program for call centers with INFOTEP


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