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Dominican Republic Free Zones are a globally recognized network of more than 84 free trade zone parks intentionally designed to reduce global business barriers, improve business productivity, and scale targeted industry sectors. This award-winning regime is supported by a powerful incentive structure and vibrant community. 

Growth + Stability

The Dominican Republic's burgeoning economy and associated political stability cultivates an environment that reduces business risk. 

Incentives + Tax Advantages

The Free Zones have an exceptional tax structure that is unrivaled in the Caribbean. There is a 100% exemption from virtually all national and local taxes.


The DRFZ have access to global markets given their ideal geographic location, award-winning infrastructure, and trade agreements. 

Our Key Industries

The Dominican Republic's competitive advantages are extremely comprehensive and have allowed for the development of strong clusters in a diverse set of industries.

Our Relocation Process

Choosing to relocate or expand to the DR Free Zones is an extremely easy and painless process. As a supportive partner, the Free Zones management will take care of many burdensome administrative tasks, leaving businesses to focus what really matters.


Customized workforce development programs provide employees with the proper skills to perform.


On-site availability of all necessary utilities; water, power, fiber optics etc.

Business Licenses

Walking your company through the setup process to ensure all proper licenses and registration are obtained.


An accounting and payroll team helps you to keep track of expenditures and pay employees.

Food Service

On-site food service ensures that workers have access to the nutrition they need to be productive.

Custom Construction

Working with you to develop and build the necessary facilities to conduct business.


See what a few of our over 750+ companies have to say about doing business in the Dominican Republic Free Zones. 

“We were impressed by two things. Firstly, the dedication of the workforce. We throw a lot at them, from new products to new technologies and they are quick to learn and eager for more. The other thing that really impressed us is how easy the industrial parks make it to do business here. Not only do the industrial parks take care of a lot of [administrative] tasks, they even recruite for us.”

— CHRIS DUGAN President, Precision Devices

Voted #1 Transportation Infrastructure in LATAM Region

- World Economic Forum

In the News

Dominican Republic Eyes Opportunities as U.S. Firms Adjust Supply Chains


U.S. companies are expanding and opening new plants in the Dominican Republic as they diversify their supply chains, moves that will help offset the economic impact of the new coronavirus pandemic, the Dominican economy minister said.


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