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  • Medical device manufacturing constitutes 31% of free zone exports
  • With +40 manufacturers operating under the Free Zone regime, medical devices & pharmaceuticals have become the country's
  • Hosting five of the world's top 10 medical device manufacturers

Medical Device Industry Insights

Hosting five of the world's top 10 medical device manufacturers

Explore key insights into the thriving medical device industry in the Dominican Republic, featuring four essential points covering export dominance, job creation, global presence, and strategic location advantages.

Cluster Advocacy

To support the continued development of the medical device industry, The Dominican Free Zone Association (ADOZONA) with the collaboration of the National Free Zones Council (CNZFE), established a medical device cluster which works to advocate for the industry, with initiatives that have led to great improvements, including workforce training programs and value chain optimization.

Medical Devices

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common inquiries about the medical device industry in the Dominican Republic, covering topics such as investment prospects, manufacturing capabilities, and industry support initiatives.

Since the 1980s, the Dominican Republic has worked to position itself as a major player in the medical device and pharmaceutical product global supply chain. Several decades of consistent progress later, medical device manufacturing is one of the Dominican Republic’s most dynamic export industries, representing 31% of all Free Zone exports.

Medical Device manufacturing represents 31% of all Free Zone exports and a total of $2,6 billion USD in 2023 alone. With an increasingly competitive environment for manufacturing activities, major global companies continue to turn to the Dominican Republic for establishing and expanding medical device investment projects.

Currently, +40 medical device and pharmaceutical product manufacturers are operating under the Free Zones platform, generating more than 35,000 direct jobs.  Some of our top products include ostomy appliances, electro medical instruments, surgical drapes, and others.

Given the Dominican Republic’s excellent transportation infrastructure and proximity to the global marketplace, it is a prime location to support supply chain optimization.