Tax Incentives

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Tax incentives and exemptions

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The Dominican Republic Free Zones offer a tax structure that is favorable for global companies. This comprehensive regime includes 100% exemptions for virtually all national and local taxes, ranging from income taxes to construction duties.

Companies are 100% exempt from:

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Companies classified under the free zone regime are also exempt from paying local taxes, construction and taxes applied to loan contracts, real estate registrations and transfers, capital increases, value-added taxes, patent, asset, and patrimony taxes.

Tax incentives

Free Zones Program

The Free Zones continue to offer companies the same legal framework, showing the commitment of the institution that regulates the sector and the country.

The free zone regime in the Dominican Republic is regulated by Law 8-90 on free export zones, and the application of its regulations.

In addition to the economic and fiscal incentives granted by Law 8-90, the country has political stability and one of the strongest investment climates in the region, preferential access to markets through free trade agreements signed with our main trading partners, such as the United States and the countries of the European Union.

Likewise, the free zone regime goes beyond tax exemptions.  The sector has a sectorized minimum wage; exclusive and simplified customs procedures through the Customs Subdirectorate for Free Zones, as well as a special program run by the Professional Technical Training Institute (INFOTEP) that provides assistance for the implementation of training projects.

Yes, they are.  But the sale is considered an import to the national market, which is why it is subject to the payment of taxes and duties, if applicable, and to the payment of 3.5% of the sale, in accordance with art. 31 of Law 253-12