For decades, jewelry manufacturing has been a strong export industry in the Dominican Republic. An excellent business climate, coupled with a stable economy and a qualified, experienced labor pool in this field are positioning the country as a Latin-American leader in jewelry manufacturing and exports. Globally prominent companies, such as Berkshire Hathaway's Richline Brands, are currently benefiting from having established operations within the Free Zone platform in our country.

Local Presence

Currently there are 17 jewelry manufacturers in the Free Zones of the Dominican Republic, supporting more than 2,000 direct jobs and approximately 3,000 indirect jobs in services and complementary activities. Most of these companies are located in Free Zone industrial parks in the Southeast Region of the country, especially around the capital of the country, Santo Domingo, with optimal access to the country’s main ports and airports.

In recent years, jewelry manufacturing has been evolving into a vertically integrated industry, incorporating higher value-added processes such as jewelry designing and precious metal melting, and a very sophisticated, high-skilled, artisan manufacturing method.

Global Jewelry Supply Chain

According to the International Trade Center (INTRACEN) database, the Dominican Republic is the second largest exporter of jewelry in Latin America. In 2018, jewelry exports totaled $357.8 million USD. Exports to the United States are strong  --  almost 97% of all Dominican jewelry exports are concentrated in the North American market.

With a robust incentive structure and global transportation network, the Dominican Republic can help optimize supply chain operations. 

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