The Dominican Republic produces and exports the finest cigars in the world, becoming in recent years the absolute major exporter in terms of both volume and value. Tobacco production and processing is one of the most traditional economic activities in our history, with more than two centuries of development, especially in the northern region of the country. The tobacco industry is deeply and inherently related with Dominican heritage, culture, and people. The supreme quality of our cigars has been a formula based upon a remarkable natural environment offering excellent tobacco plants, many years of experience, and big brands trusting us with their investments.

Local Presence

In the Free Zones, there are currently more than 80 cigar manufacturers and tobacco processors, generating around 30,000 direct jobs. Accumulated investment in the industry, reached the value of $995.9 million USD, representing 16% of all investment in the Free Zones.

Value Chain Optimization

This sector maintains strong connections and vertical integration processes between the farmers and Free Zone companies to guarantee the highest quality possible, satisfying the preferences of a niche market with a taste for exquisite tobacco flavor and aroma. Furthermore, cigar manufacturers buy not only raw and processed tobacco in the Dominican Republic, but also all major components, from production materials to artisan packaging, labeling, and rings, which are locally produced.

Recently, the Dominican Republic has succeeded in developing a growing segment of machine-made cigars as well, adapting to the high global demand for quality tobacco products originating from this region.

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